Rock Mtn Horns

Welcome to   “The Virtual Rehearsal Room” 

Rock Mtn Horns can add a 3-piece horn section, (Trumpet, Trombone & Tenor Sax), to your new/existing band with little time, effort or rehearsal.  Simply examine the MP3 files listed below.  Regardless of whether your band reads music, learns by “listening”, uses TAB or follows chord charts,  this can work for you.  So long as  your band can perform any of these songs in the same Key, Form and Style, we have written horn charts that will allow us to play with your band with little or no rehearsal.   Many of these horn charts are currently being used by “Big Daddy’s New Band,”   “Alabama Blues Machine,” and other groups.  Actual musicians may vary by availabilty, but all are professional musicians who are currently working in the Birmingham area.

(These horn charts may not be exact record copies, or may be arrangements for songs that did not originally have horns on the recording.  The samples below reflect recordings by various artists and groups using the same Key, Form and Style as the arrangements, and not of the arrangements themselves.)

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If you have other selections not on this list, contact us and we’ll look through our library of hundreds of horn arrangements and try to find the horn charts you need.  Before making a final decision on a song, we will need a sample recording of your band performing the song in the exact Key, Form and Style you plan to use.